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Glaaaass Queen!

Glaaaass Queen!

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Wanna be a Glaaaass Queen? This lip gloss looks like glass but is like magic for your lips! It starts out all clear, but then BAM! Turns pink like a popsicle stain on your coolest summer day. The cooler your skin (like after a dunk in the pool), the PINKER it gets! ‍You will have everyone at camp saying "Yaaaas n s Queen!" every time you rock your gloss.

Warning! Don't go overboard, Queens. Too much might leave a little mark, just like a popsicle. But hey, a little stain is a queen's way of showing the world who rules!

This super cool gloss is made for little divas AND their moms (because moms are the ULTIMATE queens, duh). It's totally safe, made with the safest ingredients, and is just CLEAR and calm, with no fragrance. Just pure, summer-time fun for your lips!

P.S. Glaaaass Queen is totally vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, which basically means no yucky stuff that might bug your mom or trigger your allergies. So go ahead, queens, rock your shine!

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