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Get ready to SLAY with Melo-Drama Lip Gloss, the juiciest, shiniest, most dramatic lip gloss EVER! Prepare to be the star of every pretend play with this clear gloss that shimmers like a disco ball and tastes like the sweetest watermelon you've ever dreamed of! ✨

Here's why Melo-Drama is the bomb:

  • Crystal clear: It lets your natural lip color shine through, but with a megawatt dose of sparkle that'll make everyone go "Whoa!"
  • Super juicy: Like, seriously. One lick and you'll swear you're on a tropical island with a giant, friendly watermelon.
  • Keeps your lips happy: No more dry, chapped drama! This gloss is super moisturizing, so your lips can stay soft and comfy all day long.
  • Perfect for any kind of drama: Whether you're practicing your acceptance speech for the "Best Actress in the Backyard Awards" or having a tea party with your stuffed animals, Melo-Drama adds the finishing touch of fabulousness.

P.S. Don't be surprised if your imaginary audience (or your actual friends) beg you to share! This stuff is THAT good. ✨

**So what are you waiting for? Grab your Melo-Drama Lip Gloss and get ready to own the spotlight! **


  • Use it with other MAMS lip glosses to create your own super-duper dramatic shades!
  • Practice your best "gasp!" and "oh no!" sounds while wearing it - extra drama points!
  • Share your most dramatic selfies with #MeloDramaQueen and tag @MAMScosmetics! We might just feature you!

Style: 5ml, soup wand.

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