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I have Jamaican🇯🇲parents; of course I made a tropical punch-flavored lip gloss! Get ready to transport your lips to Montego-bay with Punchi-Nella Lip Gloss! It's like a tropical party in a tube, inspired by a super fun Jamaican game my mommy used to play called "Punchinello little fellow." The game asks “what can you do?” And we can do it too with this super shiny, moisturizing lip gloss! 

Here's the juicy scoop:

  • Smells like: Imagine your momma's best Sunday punch, but even sweeter! It's a mix of coconutty goodness, juicy watermelon, and tangy passion fruit that'll make you wanna “Stir Fry” all day long.
  • Looks like: Clear magic! ✨ So you can layer it over your fave lipstick or rock it solo for a beachy, natural shine.
  • Feels like: Silky smooth and oh-so-shiny! No sticky mess, just pure island vibes. ️
  • Bonus points: It's totally vegan and cruelty-free, just like your favorite stuffed animal!

Punchi-Nella is the perfect way to:

  • Channel your inner yardie vibes.
  • Add some tropical flavor to your day.
  • Show off your unique style.
  • Make your lips feel like they're sipping a slushie in Negril! ️

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Punchi-Nella and get ready to pucker up for paradise!

P.S. Don't forget to share your island-inspired selfies with #PunchiNellaVibes!

Style: soup spoon, 5ml

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